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Black Pudding

Spain has its own heritage of regional black pudding, including the iconic Morcilla de Burgos. Morcilla is a Spanish blood sausage widely used as a tapa or as in ingredient in stews. Whilst the ingredients can vary depending on region, Spanish black pudding is typically stuffed with pig’s blood, rice, onions, garlic and spices. Produced in northern Spain, Morcilla de Burgos is widely recognised as the very best Morcilla sausage.

Spanish black pudding has a mild tangy flavour with a hint of spice. Different to other European varieties, it is generally cut into thick slices called "rodajas" which are then fried and served with bread. For a twist on a classic full English, why not try swapping sausages for a slice of Morcilla.

Buy Morcilla online

Here at Brindisa we have a range of fresh black pudding and Morcilla for sale; including delicious potted Morcilla. Ready to use, potted Morcilla is delicately seasoned with aniseed, salt, cinnamon, black pepper, oregano, clove and cayenne, from a traditional Morcilla recipe from Jaén. If you’re looking for something different to chorizo, take a look at our cured Señorio Iberico de Bellota Morcilla. Cured for 30 days, this delicious sausage can be eaten uncooked as a snack.